Library Love

4 Library at Night Recorte C

In the last two years I have walked endless library halls as I complete my thesis for my Master of Arts degree. Through my research and writing process I have come to truly love, librariesWhile passing through endless book stacks, searching for that one book that is going to magically solve my thesis predicament, I have learned to treasure the library atmosphere and the physicality of the collections of books. I love exploring the inside and outside of publications and taking in the mysterious codes like NH 3675.FH stamped on their spines. This admiration for reading, knowledge and discovery turned into a body of work entitled Library Love. Through this series of work I hope to share that moment when one discovers the love for books, articles, codes and libraries.


1 Dana and the Morning Walks C

1. Title: Dana and the Morning Walks.   Size: 32 x 42 inches.   Medium: Oil on Canvas.   Maca Suazo2014


2 Books Were My Shelter C

2. Title: Books Were My Shelter.   Size: 32 x 42 inches.   Medium: Oil on Canvas.   Maca Suazo, 2014


3 Lifetime of Reading I-II-III C

3. Title: Life Time of Reading I II & III.   Size: 16 x 8 inches each panel.   Medium: Oil on Canvas.   Maca Suazo, 2014


4 Library at Night C

4. Title: Library at Night.   Size: 60 x 24 inches.   Medium: Oil on Canvas.   Maca Suazo, 2014

4 Library at Night C c


5 due date C

5. Title: Due Date.   Size: 16 x 24 inches.   Medium: Mixed Media.   Maca Suazo, 2014


6 on hold detail 1 C

7 on hold detail 2 C

6. Title: On Hold (detail I & II).   Size: 48 x 48 inches.   Medium: Oil on Canvas.   Maca Suazo, 2014


2014 Maca invitation Library Love

2014 Maca invitation Library Love

Published by Maca Suazo

Maca Suazo graduated from Fine Arts at the University of Waterloo (2010) and completed her Master of Arts in Latin American Studies at the University of Guelph (2013). Her current work reflects the relationship between painting and literature. She is particularly interested in exploring magic realism, which is remarkably important for Latin-American writers, where the impossible is made believable in our everyday world by looking at moments of magic. She lives and work in Kitchener, ON.

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