Painting Baroque Music

5 A Touch of Magic Recorte 2 C

When Rona approached me last year with the idea of painting magic elements in baroque music, I was thrilled. I thought that both music and painting meet at that point where words do not work or serve as tools of communication.  I went to the library and got some baroque music cds and I started working on the large painting right away. I was not sure I could paint music but I was eager to try, thinking it would take me months to finish the big painting, but it would be fun. A Magic Touch is a painting that explore the idea of Nicholas Arks. I thought that his Arks where a departing point from reality towards magic. I wanted to paint what happened in that journey and the magic moments that came from his imaginary travels.

Once Rona and Anthea brought the specific music for this concert, I begin painting the Telemann Burlesque of Don Quixotte because I had read the story in Spanish when I was young. It stroked me as sad, the plot being that Don Quixotte read so many books about knights that his brain dried up. I always thought that losing one’s mind is a sad thing. I also found sad the character of Sancho Panza accompanying his master to all his misadventures with an unbreakable loyalty. It kind of broke my heart. The music, However, does not concentrate on this aspects of the story, which surprised me. I was fascinated by the music’s interpretation as something joyful, playful and fun. I understood, by listening to it constantly while I worked, that it was not madness the message of Don Quixote, but the possibility of Magic. Of looking at things with different eyes, of the possibility that something mysterious and magic could hide under windmills and that simple tavern serving girls- or possibly prostitutes-could be princesses if one was to look at them with certain eyes.

The other paintings came easily, each changing with the tone and colour of the music. It was surprising how much the story behind each piece just appear on the canvas as the music played. I listened to the recording so many times while I work on each particular painting that it became a kind of meditation.

I want to thank you all for coming today. Yann Martel on his author note for the novel the Life of Pi wrote: “If we citizens, do not support our artists, then we sacrifice our imagination on the altar of crude reality and we end up believing in nothing and having worthless dreams”. I think it is wonderful to experience music, painting and sculpture as something that can be surprising, just like opening a magic door and let ourselves believe on The touch of magic that shimmers beyond the surface of us all.


1 Roland Detail C

1. Title: Roland, based on suite composed by Lully (Detail).   Size: 32 x 56 inches.   Medium: Oil on Canvas.   Maca Suazo, 2018


2 The Fairy Queen Detail C

2. Title: The Fairy Queen, based on suite composed by Purcell (Detail).   Size: 48 x 48 inches.   Medium: Oil on Canvas.   Maca Suazo, 2018


3 Don Quixote Detail C

3. Title: Don Quijote, based on suite composed by Telemann (Detail).   Size: 32 x 56 inches.   Medium: Oil on Canvas.   Maca Suazo, 2018


4 Alcina Detail C

4. Title: Alcina, based on suite composed by Handel (Detail).   Size: 32 x 56 inches.   Medium: Oil on Canvas.   Maca Suazo, 2018


5 A Touch of Magic C

5. Title: The Touch of Magic, mural style painting based on Baroque Music.   Size: 6 x 10 feet.   Medium: Oil on Canvas.   Maca Suazo, 2017


5 A Touch of Magic R 1 C


5 A Touch of Magic R 2 C


5 A Touch of Magic R 3 C

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