Farm Days

Farm Days is a series of paintings that intend to translate my experience of working on an Organic Farm to paint. The paintings embody the experience of working under all weather conditions, watching plants grow from seed to harvesting the vegetables. By using a diversity of textures, shapes and colour combinations, I have tried to capture the mysteries force found in nature, the importance of … Continue reading Farm Days

Library Love

In the last two years I have walked endless library halls as I complete my thesis for my Master of Arts degree. Through my research and writing process I have come to truly love, libraries. While passing through endless book stacks, searching for that one book that is going to magically solve my thesis predicament, I have learned to treasure the library atmosphere and the physicality of the collections of books. … Continue reading Library Love


Maca Suazo has been interested in the artistic expression of emotion, movement and essence through the media of painting, literature and drama. She holds a diploma in Physical Theatre from La Mancha International School of Gesture and Image, in Santiago, Chile, and has acted professionally in both Chile and Canada. Since immigrating to Canada, she has increasingly dedicated herself to Visual Arts. She has exhibited and sold … Continue reading Biography